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(in progress)

  1. Spectrum East, Belgrade, 15 February 2016
  2. Koninklijk Conservatorium, The Hague, 28 October 2016



studio composition, October 2013

original duo material played live at the Vortex Jazz Club, London, 20 October 2013

with special thanks to John Russell


approx 45 minutes

  1. Saint-Silvain-sous-Toulx, Creuse (Le Bruit de la Musique), 16 August 2013
  2. Deptford Town Hall, London, 19 October 2013

Plasm 23


studio performance, 20 March 2009

recorded directly to wax cylinder by Aleks Kolkowski at Brunel University, Uxbridge



approx 18 minutes

  1. studio performance, Experimental Studio of the Heinrich Strobel Foundation, SWR, Freiburg, 19 October 2012
  2. Sporthalle Gewerbliche Schule, Donaueschingen (Donaueschinger Musiktage), 20 October 2012

furt logic one

approx 90 minutes

15 excerpts from furt zones A-M

studio compositions, April 1987 to February 1989, compilation March 1989

texts by Alan Burns

originally released on cassette: furt logic one (Vintage Productions VNTG1)

The compilation furt logic one from 1989 may serve as an overview of FURT’s first five years, which were spent almost entirely in the studio (then using acoustic as well as electronic instruments), and consists of excerpts from the 13 “albums” furt zones A-M. FURT produced 38 albums during this time (also including furt zones N-Z), comprising around 40 hours of music in total. Twelve of these albums were released on FURT’s own Vintage cassette label.


approx 45 minutes

  1. Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich, 11 May 2012 *
  2. Borusan Music House, Istanbul, 16 March 2013 *
  3. CCAM, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy (Musique Action), 18 May 2013

* see downloads



studio composition, January 1992, revised October 2011

first part of flightpath of the kidney

to Crow and Lucia



studio composition, January 2012

original material improvised live at WORM, Rotterdam, 17 November 2000

see downloads


approx 35 minutes

  1. Teatro alle Tese, Venice (Biennale di Venezia), 26 September 2010
  2. The Love Power Mission, Minneapolis (Spark festival, University of Minnesota), 2 October 2010
  3. Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin (Kontraklang), 12 February 2015
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