Ken Waxman, MusicWorks 107

July 2010
No threnody in the regular sense, curtains instead sprawls across the soundfield as thin strident timbre are overlaid with low mewling pulses, as angular sonic palindromes display resemblances to whistling BB gun shots and backwards-running tapes. Mixed in are faint suggestion of pre-recorded liturgical music plus samples of funereal drum beats and piano chording. By the finale, as machine-like jagged textures wave and resonate, a super-quick cartoon-like melody alternates with triggered stop-start pulses and ring-modulator peals until a descending, echoing piano arpeggio connects with a ghostly melancholy cry... Wooden sounding plinks and watery pulses share space with discordant episodes of rapidly rotating mechanized chirps, mallet-driven vibes-like textures and near-bestial growls... FURT expands the number of paths open to committed electro-acoustic experimenters.