David Grundy, eartrip

September 2008
...this is most definitely uncomfortable music, direct, sometimes even ugly, at the same time as being intellectually gripping...there’s a constant feel of overload, often with three or more directions going at once, always changing, never stopping. Do you pick one track to follow or try and follow all of them at once and risk becoming lost, without a direction to lead you through the dense unfolding textures? It’s a similar dilemma to that faced by us all in Western societies today. The twenty-first century is an age of greater complexity than ever before; a technological world; a world in which information comes at us from every quarter, only fragments of which can be taken in. Obliquely, FURT’s music seems to try and formulate an answer to the question of how art should respond to these challenges, these changing conditions. This is perhaps dealt with even more explicitly on equals than on spin networks, and, as such, it’s more forbidding, but perhaps even more thought-provoking. I mean it when I say that this is some of the very best music being created today.