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Wolfgang Mitterer

Wolfgang MittererWolfgang studied organ, composition and electro-acoustics in Vienna and Stockholm. He is not only one of the Austrian specialists for electronics as well as being equally brilliant on the keyboard and on the slide controls, but is also one of the most innovative composers. His work oscillates between composition and open form. Apart from music for organ and orchestra, a piano concerto and an opera, he has produced electronic pieces, conceptualised sound installations and engaged in collective improvisation with diverse groups, developing a language of extremes, tension and complexity. The pleasure he takes in experimenting leads him to combine contrasting elements in the creation of unpredictable musical events. In one major composition, for instance, he juxtaposes musical bands and children’s choirs with specialised instrumentalists and singers, while filling the hall with surround sound created by live electronics. But his work transcends the merely spectacular, precisely because of his musical presence and the high – deeply moving – intensity and complexity of his compositions. Listening intensely to low sounds has its place just as much as the “installing” of exploding sound fragments in the listeners’ minds. Far from being smoothly pleasurable, Mitterer’s music is still uncannily beautiful at times.

Paul Obermayer

Paul ObermayerPaul (born 1964) is an improvisor and composer living in London. He mostly produces electronic music, primarily in the duo FURT with Richard Barrett and in the improvising trio BARK! with Rex Casswell (electric guitar) and Phillip Marks (percussion), as well as occasional notated instrumental pieces. The fORCH octet, based around FURT, was launched in 2005. Since 2004 he has been a regular member of the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. During the 1990s he was co-director of the London-based ensemble RESERVOIR and took part in performances of music by Globokar, Nono, Stockhausen, Varèse and Xenakis. At that time he was also a regular contributor to The Institution of Rot (a permanent art installation in London conceived by installation/performance artist Richard Crow), working on several sound installations and producing the soundtrack for a documentary film. In 2012 he completed his second film collaboration with digital artist Andrew Greaves. Recent CD releases include his piano piece coil played by Philip Thomas, a live concert with Orphy Robinson and Grutronic, Evan Parker's set, a studio recording with Tony Bevan, Dominic Lash and Phillip Marks, plus new albums from both BARK! and FURT.

Ute Wassermann

Ute WassermanUte is a composer/performer, improviser and interpreter of contemporary music. She studied at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts with Henning Christiansen, specialising in sound installation and vocal performance, and studied classical singing with Carol Plantamura (San Diego) and Arnold van Mill (Hamburg). Since 1984 she has developed many special multivoiced vocal techniques, catalogued by register, timbre and articulative sequences which may be deconstructed and/or superimposed and used to explore spatial resonance phenomena. She has given numerous performances of her own solo work and performs regularly with many improvising musicians including duos with Richard Barrett, Aleks Kolkowski and Birgit Ulher (trumpet) in venues ranging from international festivals (Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires) to lofts. She has collaborated frequently with composers who have created works especially for her voice, including Henning Christiansen, Richard Barrett, Chaya Czernowin, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Sven Åke Johansson and Ana Maria Rodriguez, and has performed with many ensembles and orchestras including ASKO, KNM Berlin, ELISION and Münchener Kammerorchester. Recent projects have included performances of code*switching for voice, computer and video installation by Ana Maria Rodriguez, a staged production of Savatore Sciarrino’s Infinito Nero (with KNM Berlin) and the completion of a CD of her own solo and multitrack vocal compositions.