the insect class

approx 30 minutes

  1. Logos, Gent, 31 May 1994
  2. studio performance, STEIM, Amsterdam, 22 August 1994 *

* available at Bandcamp: what[?]/why[?]


approx 35 minutes

to Nico Bes

  1. Korzo Theater, The Hague (Thunderclaps series), 21 May 1994
  2. STEIM, Amsterdam, 26 May 1994 *
  3. Logos, Gent, 31 May 1994

* originally released on CD: Live in Amsterdam 1994 (X-OR FR 2)

* now available at BandcampLive in Amsterdam 1994



studio composition, July-September 1993, revised April 2003

first part of OUT OF TIME

originally released on cassette: Johannes-Passion (Vintage Productions VNTG20)

now available at SoundCloud



two parts:

(second place) 24’09”

studio performance, BBC Broadcasting House, London, 7 April 1993

(first place) 26’48”

studio performance, The Institution of Rot, London, 21 July 1993 

to Alasdair Gray

originally released on cassette: Sink (Vintage Productions VNTG19)



studio composition, January-February 1993, revised January 2012

originally released on cassette: homunculus (Vintage Productions VNTG18)

now available at Bandcamphomunculi

Hospital of the Soul

approx 50 minutes

collaboration with Adam Bohman (amplified objects) and Crow (projections)

London Film Makers Co-op, 14 February 1993

text by Harry Howard

originally released on cassette: Hospital of the Soul (Vintage Productions VNTG17)



studio composition, September 1992

originally released on cassette: The Flesh of Experience (Vintage Productions VNTG16)

now available at Bandcamphomunculi

The Flesh of Experience

approx 55 minutes

collaboration with Crow (projections/installation)

October Gallery, London, 23 September 1992

texts by Bruno Schulz and God

originally released on cassette: The Flesh of Experience (Vintage Productions VNTG16)


90 minutes

five studio compositions, June-August 1992

Symphony No. 4: Cheese
Tweed Organs
Symphony No. 5

originally released on cassette: allergic (Vintage Productions VNTG15)

now available at Bandcamphomunculi


approx 55 minutes

These Records shop, London, 4 July 1992

text by Kurt Schwitters

originally released on cassette: intruder (Vintage Productions VNTG14)